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New Evolution 70-40

The 70-40 model is SEBA Crushers’ large-size crusher. Fully radio-controlled (including for on-track movement), it is ready for work in five minutes, quick and easy to handle, completely independent, and also suitable for use by a single operator.

Suitable for crushing concrete, broken bricks, construction waste, non-liquid concrete products, marble, ceramic, sandstone, limestone, and other non-metallic materials with a compressive strength of up to 1300kg/cm2.

Technical Data
Width 2420 mm
Height 2750 mm
Length 8630 mm (open) – 5300 mm (closed)
DOOSAN Diesel Engine 55kW/2000 rpm (Stage V)
Translation Speed 0.7-1.3 km/h
Maximum Slope 30%
Extracting Speed 1.85 m/s
Loading Hopper Capacity 2.5 m3
Output per Hour 24-100 t/h (*)
Inlet Size 700×400 mm
Aggregates Size 15-100 mm
Pump Delivery 1×45 cc – 1×63 cc
Working Pressure +/- 160 bar
Anti dust system
Lights for night
Magnetic Belt