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LS 26H

The LS 26H version of the LS26 screen integrates the outstanding specifications of the standard version with a specific configuration for trailer towing.
Furthermore, just like the LS 26C version, it has an extractor belt at the lower net level, which allows the fractionation of the material into three pieces of different sizes, increasing the yield and quantity produced.

The LS 26C screen is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and combines well with crushers, from which they can directly receive crushed material ready for screening.

Technical Data
Width 2200 mm
Height 2650 mm
Length 6430 mm
Weight 2540 kg
Grid Dimension 1450×2000 mm
Screening Grid n° 02
Production 50-80 t/h (*)
Electric Power 1.1 kW-380 V
Pump Delivery 1×45 cc – 1×63 cc
Working Pressure +/- 160 bar
Anti dust system
Lights for night
Magnetic Belt