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Lite Cutter 40 – 85

The SEBA Crushers Lite Cutter is designed for milling tree stumps left in the ground after cutting.
This tracked and highly versatile machine is completely radio-controlled and manageable at a safe distance from the operating area.

The track width is adjustable for maximum stability in operation, and can be narrowed to a minimum encumbrance of 700 mm, allowing the Lite Cutter to easily pass through doors of buildings (for downtime storage, for example).

Technical Data
Width 750 mm
Height 1360 mm
Length 2560 mm
Weight 1000 kg
Cutter Wheel Diameter 480 mm
Number of Teeth 6
Briggs & Stratton Petrol Engine 27,2 kW/2500 rpm
Travel Speed 10 km/h
Boom Distance Up 850 mm
Boom Distance Down 400 mm
Boom Arc Distance 1250 mm
Pump Delivery 1×11 cc
Working Pressure +/- 150 bar