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Conveyor Track 10-60

The first SEBA Crushers tracked conveyor belt combines lightness and compactness with excellent operational performance.
While the belt is longer than category standards, the fact that it is foldable greatly reduces transport and downtime space.

The low-emission engine, in addition to being an investment in the environment, also reduces operating and maintenance costs.
Track movement and all belt operations are independently radio-controlled, meaning the machine is ready to work in just three minutes.

Technical Data
Width 1750 mm
Height 4600 mm (open) – 2200 mm (closed)
Length 9100 mm (open) – 5900 mm (closed)
Weight 2900 kg
YANMAR Diesel Engine 18.5kW/2200 rpm (Stage V)
Translation Speed 1.4 km/h
Maximum Slope 3%
Extracting Speed 1.4 m/s
Loading Hopper Capacity 0.15 m3
Output per Hour 75 t/h (*)
Pump Delivery 1×25 cc
Working Pressure +/- 150 bar